Bingo Game Patterns

There are loads and loads of different Bingo game patterns in play, and it can be often confusing to the new online Bingo players when they first play at an online Bingo site.

So to help you get a better understanding of the many different Bingo game patterns that you will find online we have put together the following guide to help you!

Let us first take a look at the game of 90 Ball Bingo, this is one of the most popular types of online Bingo games you will find online and thankfully there are only three different game patterns in this type of Bingo game.

The first prize you will be playing for is the single line, this is often the smallest prize in 90 Ball Bingo games and to win you simply need to get a single line of five numbers marked off on any one single ticket.

Once a player wins this Bingo game pattern the game moves on to the two line Bingo game pattern, and as the name suggests you will win this prize if, on any one single ticket, you get to mark off all number son any two different lines of your Bingo card.

Next you will play for the full house or coverall Bingo game pattern, this is the top paying pattern and you will have to cross off all 15 numbers on any one single ticket to win this prize.

75 Ball Bingo offers a ton of different game patterns but the most common is any single line, upwards, downwards, vertically or horizontally and they often offer a prize of getting all four corners market off.

There are also Bingo Chat Games which use 75 Ball Bingo as the base game and before the game starts the Bingo Chat master will tell you what Bingo pattern you will be playing for so pay attention!

To help you the Bingo game pattern you are playing for on any Bingo type is always displayed in the Bingo room and the Bingo software will also keep track of them and automatically call house for you if you have a winning pattern.