How to play Bingo

For a complete and easy to follow guide on how to play bingo simply read through our step by step guide and you will soon be playing Bingo online! Have a quick read through this guide and you will be good to go.

1. This is the most important thing, only play at trusted and long established online Bingo site like those listed on our website as they have a track record of giving players a fully rounded online Bingo experience with no hassle or hoops to jump through when they win and want to be paid out.

2. Do some shopping around as they is stiff competition between online Bingo sites and this has led to some very rewarding new player Bingo bonuses being offered.

3. Choose whether you want to play a no download Bingo site that has no software to download, or you may prefer to download a Bingo software package as by doing so you will get a much better Bingo experience when playing Bingo online.

4. If you are unsure which Bingo software provider to opt for then try out a few of them till you win one you like, may be take advantage of a free no deposit Bingo bonus so you can test drive their software with no risk to your own funds.

5. Make sure that when you sign up as a new player you fill in all the details on the registration form correctly as they may need to use this information to send you your winnings.

6. Once you have logged into the Bingo site then you will see many different Bingo rooms offered, each one will have a unique name and will offer different priced Bingo cards and tickets, so pick one that suits your budget.

7. You will then need to purchase the number of Bingo cards or tickets you want to play, this is done simply by clicking on the buy Bingo cards button (or similarly named button) then simply select the number of cards you want and click buy.

8. Once the Bingo game begins the software will then keep track of all of your Bingo cards for you and will dab them automatically, when you win the software will also call Bingo for you!