Online Bingo Guide

Bellow is our ten step online Bingo guide to help you ensure you have a fantastic and enjoyable online Bingo session whenever you log on to play Bingo.

1. First of all ensure that the online Bingo site allows players from the country where you live in as many of them have players restrictions in place and it will save you time to check before you sign up as a new player.

2. Only ever choose to play at online Bingo sites that are listed on our website as this way you will only ever be playing at the best online Bingo sites.

3. Ensure that you can deposit and play in your home currency, as by doing so ensures you will not be losing any money by virtue of currency exchange rate fluctuations.!

4. Look out for any no deposit online Bingo bonuses that are on offer as these require no deposit and enable you to play and win for free.

5. Choose a deposit and withdrawal method that has the lowest fees, you will often find a debit card offers the best value and a credit card gives you the worst value so shop around and keep the fees low.

6. Try and enter as many Bingo jackpot games as you possibly can, as these offer large jackpots which could prove to be life changing!

7. You can pre buy online Bingo cards and tickets for whenever you want to play so you don't even need to be online!

8. If you do hit a winning Bingo jackpot then your first port of call should be the cashiers interface where you should make a withdrawal!9. Never play when you are tired or drunk as you may spend more money than you intended too!

10. Finally have fun when playing Bingo online and make sure you try some Bingo chat games as this is a great way to socialize and meet new Bingo friends online to whom you can chat with via the online Bingo chat room.